Thursday, January 03, 2008

If I'm dreaming, I don't want to wake up...

It's not our anniversary yet. Our birthdays (4 days apart) are not for another month. Though Christmas is NOT over (wait for Epiphany, dammit!), the gifting part of Christmas certainly is.

So why is Fearless Husband behaving this way?

He's washing dishes. He's (gasp) folding laundry. He hasn't left the toilet seat up in a MONTH (be still my heart!)

Today, when I was in a frenzy for a freelance client, grumpy and frantic, I turned to find that he'd cleared his computer and various detritus off the coffee table and was spritzing the table with cleanser and wiping it down. (Why is his computer on the coffee table? Well, here in Japan, there's no central heat and no insulation, so when it's cold, we consolidate our workstations into a single room -- the one with the kerosene heater!) While I watched, jaw on the floor, he moved to the television and began dusting the top and wiping the glass. I felt a little guilty at the amount of accumulated dust, but not guilty enough to stop him!

He's been furtively going through my cookbooks, I think to cook for me on our anniversary. When he gets up to get himself a piece of Christmas candy, he brings me one, too. When I wake up, he hovers, trying to figure out when, exactly, I'm going to be ready for my coffee. He leaps to open the car door for me, and holds the front door open patiently while I am putting on my shoes (that I could do without, as the frigid breeze doesn't exactly help my dexterity tying my shoelaces!)

I'm 100% positive he isn't trying to make up for a heinous crime. I don't think I'm terminally ill without knowing it. Perhaps I'm such a terrible person that he's trying to put me in a better mood. Who knows?

Whatever it is, I certainly don't want to cure it! If I figure it out, I promise to share the secret.

I'm a lucky woman.


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