Thursday, June 29, 2006


It's raining. Again. Still.

The silver lining? When it rains, I get more done.

I sat in the rain today, on my balcony, and watched the sheets of water approach over the harbor. Then I crawled back in the window, dripping and grinning. I feel clean, inside and out (and if the rainwater is dirty, I don't want to know!)

Now I'm dry and happy, in a pool of golden light, with work finished, about to crack open a new library book.

Fearless Husband comes home tomorrow, and should be home for several days. The grocery shopping is done. Meals are planned. Laundry is finished.

Sure, I have more stuff to do, but that's part of being alive, no? I'm fed, sheltered, warm, dry, and very, very loved.

All's right with the world.