Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lucky, Lucky Me!

Warning: sappy post about love ahead. Stop here and come back another time if your cynical streak is wide enough that such things make you barf. I'll understand, and will welcome you back with another ranty post soon, I'm sure.

Life's been chaotic around here, between our trip to the US (12/31 to 1/13), Fearless Husband's grandfather's death and FH's unexpected trip to the US, my grandmother's death, our anniversary (1/15), our birthdays (2/2 & 2/6), and a very tense scramble to get FH back to the ship. We've not done big Valentine's Day stuff in the past, prefering to celebrate our love for one another at unexpected moments throughout the year.

FH doesn't drive in Japan yet, and I'm the one in control of the car and any shopping trips. The base florist does not deliver in the community, and we don't speak enough Japanese to be able to order flowers from a local florist. And for my birthday, FH brought me a beautiful watch and a gorgeous enamelled box for my collection.

So, I really didn't expect anything for Valentine's Day, and that was OK.

He left Monday night. Tuesday night, I found a card tucked in a book I'd set aside to read...a sweet, funny card from my loving husband. I was touched by his thoughtfulness and figured that was it.

Until today...when I went to the post office and received a box FH had mentioned. He said he'd had too much to send back from when he visited home, and he needed me to watch out for the box and open it, to send some needed stuff to him on the ship. Instead, surrounded by pink styrofoam packing peanuts, I found the biggest, greenest stuffed frog I've ever seen, clutching a puffy red heart saying "Be Mine". Nestled against the frog was a white box, containing a single red rose and a pair of romantic, nested silver goblets.

Peabody (the frog's new name) rode in the passenger seat of the car all the way home, googly eyes sticking up over the dashboard, and I enjoyed the double-takes and big grins from other drivers. I really like frogs. I covet pretty pieces of silver. But most of all, I adore my husband.

In the midst of death and chaos, the insanity of travel and family and scrambling to catch up with his ship for deployment....he thought of me, and he acted on that thought.

He tells me I make him want to be a better man...but it is he who inspires me to be the best person I can be.

I am so lucky, and so filled with joy, knowing how much I am loved. I wish that same joy for each and every one of you.