Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Kind of Foreplay

It works. Pavlovian training works, people! (Ok, that, and actually spelling it out in a kind, gentle, not-while-we're-having-a-heated-discussion sorta way.)

I finally realized FH does not have a copy of my mental script, and thus doesn't know his lines and blocking. So...I spelled it out. I said "Beloved, rubbing up against me when I am hot and sweaty and trying to get the dishes done? Not a turn-on. Stripping naked, flinging dirty clothes everywhere and shaking your hips at me? Not a turn on. Doing the dishes/using the Swiffer/taking out the trash/ironing your own uniforms without me having to say a word? Major turn-on!"

Then I proceeded to follow up with physical demonstrations.

You know, it really is like Pavlov's experiment. "Reward" him often enough (completely heartfelt, may I add!) and he gets it! Now, when a certain gleam enters his eye, instead of groping me while I'm in the middle of some household chore, he gets up and grabs the mop or the garbage or the sponge!

Joy for him, joy for's all good!