Thursday, July 06, 2006

Where's Toto?

Well, we've got headed our way. FH was supposed to have a few more days at home before resuming normal work hours and then heading off to A School in San Diego. We think San Diego is still a go (at least as much as anything in military life can be "a go" until the moment it happens), but for now, everything else is up in the air--no pun indended! Click on the photo for a larger image of Typhoon Einiar:

Click here to visit Adventures in Japan and read the rest of the story.

Please keep those who are still are in the storm's path in your thoughts and prayers.

Check out and for storm updates.

Where's the joy in all this? Well, we're prepared, we're healthy, and we're safe. FH may be in the position to help if there is a need for humanitarian relief. And my biggest worry is whether or not I will lose Internet access. That's biggest worry.

We're really damn lucky, you know?