Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Brief List

Why I'm happy right now--in no particular order:

Finally, weather cool enough for the down comforter at night.

He should be home in less than four weeks.

Good friends (of diverse ages, backgrounds and interests) with whom I can laugh, or rant, or sit without talking at all.

Knowing that not everyone is going to like me...and being ok with that.

He should be home in less than four weeks!

Learning (oh, so very slowly) how to say "no" with a smile, and know that the people doing the asking aren't going to hate me (and that if they hate me for saying "no," they aren't worth having as friends).

Finally finding someone from whom I can get fantastic, professional manicures and pedicures.

Having smooth heels and cute toes again.

Deciding to damn the expense and go visit my cousin on the beautiful white sand beaches of Okinawa next week.

Did I mention he is going to be HOME in less than four weeks?

Need some joy? I've got plenty to spare!