Thursday, November 02, 2006

There's Gotta be a Silver Lining Here Somewhere...

Due to a typhoon in the area, the ship has cancelled their visit to Hong Kong. As a result, my much-anticipated trip to see Fearless Husband has been cancelled as well. Frustrating, as I was only able to get a partial refund for my plane ticket, but I guess that is the price of being a military spouse--things change. And to be able to get even a partial refund of a discount, "non-refundable" ticket about 36 hours before I was to leave is pretty impressive.

I'm sad not to see FH (or Hong Kong!), but am looking for a silver lining (like more time to catch up on various projects!) I will be seeing him in two to three weeks, we hope, so it won't be too much longer. Perhaps we'll both get to Hong Kong on vacation another time.

Regardless of my disappointment, I am glad the ship has chosen not to sail through the typhoon, and is instead choosing to stay safe. (And I'm still going to have that manicure and pedicure tomorrow, so there!)