Sunday, July 09, 2006

Carry an Umbrella and It Won't Rain

Well, Typhoon Ewiniar is headed towards China now, predictions notwithstanding. It's probably because I was more prepared for "weather" than I've ever been in my life! Evacuation paperwork, check. Batteries, flashlights, radio, check. Big Rubbermaid container of food and supplies, check. Steel storm shutters, check. Sheesh!

FH is still afloat, even though the weather guys said the ship would be safer (yes, you read that right) in port...once they spent the money to restock the galley, they "had" to go out to sea, or waste all that food and money. Great...put our sailors into danger, so we don't waste the money spent on powdered eggs, powdered potatoes and powdered milk.

Silver lining? I'm safe. FH is safe (and catching up on paperwork and studying). We've had rain here, but no destructive winds, no flooding, no mudslides. Hopefully, Ewiniar will lose some steam before landfall in China, and we'll all be fine. Nobody needs to re-enact Katrina, thankyouverymuch.

By the way, from what I've been able to figure out, typhoon is simply the term one uses for a hurricane in the Pacific...if it's in the Atlantic, it's a hurricane. No other difference.

We're safe, we're healthy, we're happy. Life is good.