Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finding Joy in Being Sick

I'm sick. Bleah. So is FH.

So, where's the joy in that, you ask?

He's in San Diego, and has to take care of himself. I'm here in Japan, with flexible hours (sometimes, being a freelancer rocks!), no one to take care of, no need to get dressed. I can pretend Mom is allowing me to have all the ginger ale and Saltines I want. I can sleep until I wake up. No one complains if the medicine makes me wired and I watch bad TV until 5am and sleep until 1pm. I can be as selfish as I want to be!

If I have to be sick (and I can't go back to being 7 years old with Mommy taking care of me) then this is definitely the way to do it! Yes, I love FH. Yes, I'm sorry he's sick. Yes, I'm glad he's there and I'm here, and I don't have to ignore my own misery in order to cater to a sick man!