Friday, June 30, 2006

Well, Duh!

I hung around for-freakin-ever today waiting to pick up Fearless Husband from work. I was sitting in the car, mumbling under my breath, planning what to say to him to express my displeasure at having to waste my oh-so-valuable time...

Then I realized...this is my job. A huge part of my job as a military wife is to be flexible, to remember that he's not in charge of his own schedule, to just be there for him, so he can be there for our country. Sappy, perhaps, but true.

Last time this happened, he got in the car really grouchy, and we sniped at one another all the way home. Sitting and waiting today, I realized that part of his grouchiness stems from feeling guilty that he's kept me waiting, and from wanting to be out the door waaaay before he actually gets to leave. He wants to be with me. He misses me. He doesn't want to inconvenience me, but often, he doesn't have any choice.

I had a book with me this afternoon (of course). I remembered two errands I'd forgotten, and got those done while I was on base. I'm working freelance right now, so my hours at the computer are entirely flexible (and there aren't enough paying gigs to consider myself even close to "full time" yet!) It's not as if I had big obligations elsewhere. I just didn't want to sit in the car, in the rain, and wait for him. You know, wait for that guy who just spend the past five days aboard ship, doing drills and excercises, working 12 to 18 hour shifts, having no privacy, no Internet access, no freedom, while I sat at home sleeping late, watching TV, making popcorn, playing on the computer, spending the money he's making... (Yeah, I did work quite a few hours, but still...)

When he got in the car, I greeted him with a kiss, and a declaration of love. I listened--really listened--to his initial grumpy monologue. He got less grumpy and more serene as he poured it out. Without me pouring the lighter fluid of my own pique onto the fire, the flames died out quickly, and the smiling, romantic man I love made his appearance much earlier than usual.

I know, I're all thinking "well, DUH!"

Trust me, so am I.