Monday, December 11, 2006

Lucky Me

I had the most horrible sinus headache all day yesterday. I'd hoped to spend some time with my husband...taking a walk, maybe exploring the area by car TOGETHER for a change, playing cards, etc. The plan was to relax and do "together" stuff.

But the ice pick driven into my head by sinus pain precluded all that. I finally went to lie down...and fell asleep. Three hours later, I woke up, feeling a little panicky and a lot guilty. There was my husband, sneaking around the bedroom (well, "sneaking" isn't exactly what he was doing, but HE would have called it "sneaking").

He'd walked up the Hill from Hell to the store and bought me a can of hot tea, a can of cold coffee, my favorite ume o-nigiri, and a packet of rice snacks. The snacks had little bitty whole dried fish in them (eek) but he knew I was an adventurous girl, and he was trying to find something with wasabe flavor, to help clear my sinuses. It ended up being a delicious snack, even if I did leave a little pile of dried fishies in the bottom of the bag! He also brought me a bottle of water, and told me I could not get out of bed until I finished it. Then he sat beside me and began rubbing my back.

Can a woman possibly be any luckier, or more loved? I think not.