Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's Not Very Long, But It's Deeeeep.

I hate to sweat. I mean, I really, really hate to sweat. I don't mind hard work, and I'll work very hard. But I sweat easily and copiously, and it drips in my eyes, and off my nose, and down my back, and it makes me itchy and cranky.

Today, I really wanted my pictures hung (finally!) and so I hung them. Of course, this involves climbing on and off furniture, hammering, hanging, removing the hung picture, pulling nails out and re-hammering, rinse and repeat. So I was a sweaty mess. I love having my pictures hung, and it feels much more like "home"-- but I was just icky.

So, to the bat-room, Robin! (Sorry -- old and silly family joke.) I filled the bathtub with cool water and... ahhhhhhhh. I just love being here in Japan. They really *get* baths as pleasure and luxury and necessity, all at the same time.

The tub is not long enough to stretch my legs out...I have to sit slightly cross-legged. But the tub is deep. I mean really deep. Like water-to-my-shoulders deep. And my little plastic stool used for showering (it's Japan, people, don't ask) was absolutely the perfect tub-side table, holding a refreshing beverage, my book, a hand towel, etc.

So now I'm clean and cool and relaxed, and able to get more done before bedtime. Isn't it fabulous how something so simple as a bath can be so fantastic?