Monday, April 02, 2007

Spur of the Moment

In the year that I've been in Japan, I have not had a regular 40+ hour per week job. I've had such jobs all my life until now, ever since I was a teenager. WhenI first got here,I was a little worried that I would have too much time on my hands.

Not a problem, it seems. I've managed to completely fill my days with volunteer work, contract work, freelance work, entertaining houseguests, having adventures, racing around to various activities, etc. I've even managed to turn one of my volunteer gigs into a paying contract job for the US Government. I'm a little frantic for some time to myself, surprisingly enough!

Yes, I often remind myself of the fact that even though I'm just as busy as I've always been (maybe even busier!), I have precious flexibility to change, shuffle, and make new choices pretty much whenever I want.

An excellent example of that flexibility is happening right this minute. Fearless Husband asked me to join him in Busan, Korea this week. I studied my calendar, shuffled a few things, made a couple of phone calls...and less than 48 hours after his invitation, I'll be hopping on a bus, then on the hydrofoil
( and heading to Busan for five days and four nights!

Korea never figured prominently on my list of Places to See, but I'm not really sure why. After doing a little very surface Internet research, it seems to be a fascinating place. We're staying in a spectacularly gorgeous hotel,
( with a view of the ocean and the lovely bridge seen here.

I'm looking forward to exploring the streets, the food, the shopping, the food, the parks, the food, the art museums, the food...and did I mention the food?

Exciting, huh? I'm a little giddy at the freedom to be able to do this. I keep waiting to suddenly remember some obligation, some reason that I shouldn't do such a thing. I've got to keep holding onto the joy and exhilaration, and pushing away the unreasoning guilt.

I'm just a joyful, travelling fool!